our values

We talk about and work with our values every day and as such, these are constantly evolving and growing with us.

We are intersectional feminists, and our feminism includes the rights of trans people and sex workers. We recognize the complexity of identity and strive to be in solidarity with those who have been marginalized.

We endeavour to lead with our values.

Indigenous sovereignty, Reconciliation, and Decolonization – we acknowledge that many of us are uninvited guests on unceded, unsurrendered, and stolen territory. We respect Indigenous wisdom and sovereignty on this land. We commit to being co-conspirators in dismantling colonization and are actively learning how our actions contribute to upholding the colonial state.

Joy & fun – our work is aligned with the outcomes we seek. We make space for rest, joy, fun, and celebration. Our revolution is joyful. We recognize rest as an act of resistance.

Consent – we mutually and explicitly agree on how people participate, as well as how we share our ideas, knowledge, and energy. 

Intentionality – we make our decisions with adequate information and awareness of impacts. We are aware of how we show up and how that impacts how people perceive us and how it may contribute to or against the liberation of others in this group. We make active choices. 

Valuing our whole selves – we appreciate the diversity of skills, experience, time, and energy that people bring to this work. We recognize that we are all whole and complex people and don’t make assumptions about one another. We respect the knowledge each of us holds including our lived experience, our ancestry, our reflections and so much more.

Growth, exploration & learning out loud – we make mistakes and grow our understanding of electoral politics, campaigns, policies and how they impact people in our everyday lives. We provide space for people to explore what they want to learn and improve and we lift each other up. We make these processes visible. We openly acknowledge our mistakes and share our learnings publicly.

Disability justice – we recognize the inherent worth of people and are committed to leaving no body or mind behind. We actively work to combat ableism in our beliefs and practices, as we learn to understand how disability intersects with other parts of people’s identities. 

Anti-racism including radical kindness and radical empathy – we recognize the diversity of cultures and experiences people bring to this campaign school and strive to not make assumptions, but to understand and respect people’s boundaries and needs. We ask questions when appropriate and take responsibility for our own learning and growth. We actively oppose racism, especially anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in our individual actions and in the policies we support.  

Radical honesty – we recognize and express our needs and boundaries from a place of love and non-judgement. We create space for difficult conversations, for emotions, and for self-reflection. We are honest about what we need and want.  

Anti-oppression – we strive to use inclusive language and practices and to break down systems of oppression – including but not limited to patriarchy, colonialism, ableism, classism homophobia, and transphobia. We are aware of the space we are taking up and avoid talking for or over people.

These values were last updated January 2021.
We have built these values in community and they reflect a process of ongoing learning, revision and growth. These are the values of Feminist Campaign School.

Pairing values-driven leadership with representation for municipal elections

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