Feminist campaign school?

We’ve been talking for a long time about the need to get more progressive folks who have been historically excluded from holding elected office. And our school boards, councils, and mayors seats across BC are where we can make a big impact.

Many campaign schools focus on representation (campaign school for women) or political leaning (conservative, progressive, liberal, etc).

This program is an intentionally designed to provide knowledge and skills to people who have been historically excluded from civic leadership because of their race, gender, sexuality, disability, socioeconomic status, class, or a combination of these and more.


This program is designed for people with shared values. You can learn about our values here.

We’re also offering a training program to support campaign staff to run campaigns that intentionally respect the lived experiences, individual and collective wisdom, and produce top results.

The program is 6 weeks long, with a weekly 3 hour session for the candidate cohort and a 3 hour session for the campaign cohort. There is an optional 3 hour co-working space mid-week to come together and talk through homework, network, and build comradery with the support of one of our facilitators. Ask questions, share insights, or just hang out in a virtual space with like-minded folks.

All participants will leave the program with a completed campaign plan, a strong understanding of what steps they can take to build change for the 2022 municipal elections, and a province-wide network of support.

Pairing values-driven leadership with representation for municipal elections

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